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The procedure for new construction where the drywall has not yet been installed.  A larger spray on machine will be used that mixes a fine mist of water with the cellulose at the nozzle when the cellulose comes out.  (See picture A)  When the wall cavities have been completely sprayed a scrubber is used to plane off the excess material which then falls to the floor.  (See picture B)  After all wall cavities are planed, the material that fell to the floor is then vacuumed up and taken back to the insulation trucks recycle hopper.  (See picture C)


click on image to enlarge the spray on application (A)

click the image to enlarge the scrubber process (B)

click the image to enlarge the vacuum recycle process (C)



The end result is a very energy efficient, low air leakage, dense filled, high fire rated, mold resistant, filled wall cavity.  (See picture D)

Click on the picture above to see an enlarged finished wall cavity (D)


What is the Nu-Wool WALLSEAL System?

The Nu-Wool WALLSEAL system is a spray-in-place cellulose insulation product that is applied to the wall cavities of new construction. It is installed to a density of 3.0 to 3.5 lbs./ft.3 and will not settle in the wall cavity. Fibers attach to the sheathing and studs, forming a seamless bond inside the wall cavity. 

Energy Savings

Eliminate drafty homes and lower your heating and cooling bills with Nu-Wool. Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose Insulation eliminates voids and air pockets, common with other insulation materials. Homebuyers can use the projected savings to add upgrades to their home without adding costs.

Talk To Your Builder.

Choosing Nu-Wool Insulation could mean significant savings on heating and cooling bills.

The performance of Nu-Wool Insulation is so consistent that Nu-Wool guarantees the quality of its product and the amount of the heating and cooling bills in houses insulated with Nu-Wool Insulation. Nu-Wool, through certified WALLSEAL dealers, offers a Guaranteed Energy Program for new houses insulated with Nu-Wool Insulation at no cost to the homeowner or builder. This energy guarantee not only ensures savings on fuel bills, it helps homebuyers qualify for energy efficient mortgages. Under this program, a home’s heating and/or cooling bill is guaranteed for a period of three years.