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Sound Control

Rooms are noticeably quieter with Nu-Wool. Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation deadens the transfer of sound from one room to another. Hotels, motels, apartments, hospitals, schools, churches, and multi-unit complexes use Nu-Wool WALLSEAL in their walls and Nu-Wool Insulation in their floors and attics for sound control. Even sound studios use Nu-Wool WALLSEAL for its superior acoustic properties.

Nu-Wool Insulation is acoustically superior Nu-wool WALLSEAL is tested at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories for Sound Transmission Classifications (STC). In full-scale wall testing, WALLSEAL greatly reduces the movement of airborne sound from one room to an adjacent room. This added benefit of WALLSEAL is especially important for apartments, condominiums, offices and hotels. Buildings insulated with WALLSEAL have a noticeable "quietness". The sharp sounds that easily transmit through conventionally insulated structures are subdued by the increased mass of the WALLSEAL system.  Use Nu-Wool WALLSEAL to quiet the sound in laundry rooms, mechanical rooms, family rooms and walls containing noisy water pipes. Many popular hotels and leading apartment developers utilize Nu-Wool WALLSEAL in the walls and Nu-Wool Insulation in the floors and attics for superior sound control. Nu-Wool deadens the sound transfer between rooms, keeping hotel guests and apartment renters happy.

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